This morning I had a huge debacle with my car where it wouldn't start. I called Leon's and fifteen minutes later my car was towed to his automotive shop. He did a great job identifying the problem and going from there. I was able to pick up my car that afternoon, with no problems. For his price and quality service, I would recommend Leon's to anyone.-Lauren

5 Leons Automotive Center 9/30/2013

Always a good experience! I work in film with movie cars. We gave Leon our exclusive contract over 10 years ago and have spent an average of 35 thousand dollars per year on maintenance and repair of my vast inventory. They do everything. His team knows new AND OLD cars. They throw in extras and freebies and stand behind their work.

5 Leons Automotive Center 4/18/2013

I would like to know if you guys fix windows or window motors, I have a 2000 Honda Accord 4 door sedan, and need to get my rear driver side window motor fixed and wanting to know the price of it? Thank you.

5 Leons Automotive Center 4/11/2013

Leon's has the lowest price for the best service! I went to Leon's today for a coolant flush and not only did Leon's exceed my expectations for two thirds the price I would have paid at a Firestone, Jiffylube, Pepboys, etc., I was also given helpful information about a leak in my oil pan I have delayed fixing because of the cost. Everywhere else that has noticed the leak in my pan has told me I need to lift my engine in order to remove the pan. Leon's notified me that is not the case at all, and that everywhere else has been trying to take me for my money. I have finally found a mechanic I can trust, which is an extremely relieving feeling! Try out Leon's for yourself!

5 Leons Automotive Center 4/6/2013

VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER I went to leons to have my car looked at I was hearing a noise under the hood ,, I know nothing about cars what so ever I talked with Leon to exsplain the problem...he went over some posable problems it my be he told me it would be a $40 dollar service charge to look at the problem and if i desideed to fix the problem the 40 dollasr charge would go towards the repair,,, i thought this was a very nice and respectful thng to offer a customer,,, needless to say he fix my car probelm very cheapy and honestly to someone who knows nothing about cars ,,, i will always come back to his shop

5 Leons Automotive Center 4/6/2012

Great place to your car. Took my car to Leon's and had a great experience. The service technician Keith was very professional and had my car issue fixed in a snap. Would definitely go there again!!!

5 Leons Automotive Center 4/6/2012

Leon's is an excellent repair garage!

5 Leons Automotive Center 4/16/2011

Before I needed to leave for a weekend trip, i was a bit concerned that the car wouldn't be fixed on time. My worries were for nothing and the car was perfect and ofcourse so was our weekend

5 Leons Automotive Center 4/16/2011

This is my first time going to Leon's automotive & I must say I've had a very good experience. I had some radiator work done on my car & he quoted me a very decent price, notified me of any additional work that needed to be done & did the job. All & all he was nice to deal with, prices were decent & the job was done fast & effectively

4 Leons Automotive Center 4/16/2011

you can see than leon has been in the business for years and knew my older car. although i have moved from the san fernando valley, i will travel to leon if neccessary for future car repair needs.also has a smog check shop close to him if anyone needs.

5 Leons Automotive Center 4/11/2011