I can't say it enough... It's hard enough to find a good mechanic let alone a great one with integrity... I am always pleased with the service I receive at Leon's... It's a great feeling to know that when I drop my car off in the morning it's going to be completed on time, without any hidden cost... A+++Thank you and keep up the great work and customer service.

h Leon's Automotive Center
5 Leons Automotive Center 8/23/2015

I cracked my front bumper pulling out of a parking spot and it was hanging off. I took my car to a few different spots for estimates and everyone was telling me it would cost $800-1000. Finally the last stop was Leons. The person who serviced me was Frankie, he was very nice and friendly. He quoted me $400. What a great deal. All the other places were obviously over charging for labor since the parts werent that expensive. I took my car in and they completed the job in just one hr. Frankie is the best and was very helpful to me & my pockets.

5 Leons Automotive Center 6/8/2015

What great service. Due to an injury I was unable to retrieve my vehicle. Frank brought it to me took my credit card to process payment. Came back for me to sign it and did it all with a smile. Will not hesitate to use them again.

5 Leons Automotive Center 5/29/2015

As a woman I'm usually very skeptical about going to a new mechanic. I've been to several and felt ripped off every time. However, going to Leon's Automotive shop was a very different experience. All staff there was very helpful and friendly. Frankie was the one who assisted me all throughout and he was able to assist me accordingly at a reasonable price. Frankie even went above and beyond with his work and threw in extra services at no cost. I am extremely satisfied with their work and how my car looks/run now! It is definitely a shop I would recommend to anyone and everyone

5 Leons Automotive Center 5/20/2015

I m stationed close by Leon's Business and have been taking my personal truck and work truck for 3 years over and have had no problems. He and his great staff has gone above and beyond not only in repairs but customer service. His team are very professional by working around my demanding schedule and was able to finish repairs in a timely manner. Great Job and even greater team! Thank you guys.

5 Leons Automotive Center 4/16/2015

Leon and his mechanics are the best. They keep my 76 Lancia Scorpion and 06 Volvo in top running shape. Friendly and fast reliable service. They can fix anything. Parts not problem. Their prices are more than competitive. Leon is the man!!!R. Ellman

5 Leons Automotive Center 9/26/2014

Ask for Frank. He gives you great customer service and honesty. He made me want to comeback to Leon's the next time my car has issues. Top notch service all around.

5 Leons Automotive Center 9/13/2014

Frank gave me a great deal to fix my air condition in my car. They were very friendly and courteous and offering me to grad any soda I wanted, since it's freaking hot out ....over 100 degrees!

5 Leons Automotive Center 8/29/2014

Frank gave me a great deal to service my A/C system. He was fast and extremely friendly. Great customer sercive. Defenetly coming back to service may car here again.

5 Leons Automotive Center 8/29/2014

Finding a good/honest mechanic nowadays is not an easy task. I took my 1995 Nissan to get serviced. They found an oil leak and worned down belts. This is really costly for a college student with a part time job. I explained to the owner my situation and he gladly gave me a 10% discount. Might not seem like much to most but every penny counts in my case. They were fast and courteous with their work. They even showed me the parts that were replaced to insure their quality of work. This is definitely my go to shop from now on.

5 Leons Automotive Center 12/27/2013